December 9, 2008
CaroTech receives official patent for NEXT Enhance 150
Press Release

Carotenoid Technologies SA has received the official patent for the encapsulation protection process of Next Enhance 150, released in early October.


NEXT Enhance 150 is characterized by a standardised 1:1 combination of thymol and carvacrol in a unique protection capsule, which protects the active substances under pelleting and expanding and releases the active components to the lower intestinal tract where they are most needed by the animal.


NEXT Enhance 150 Premix is specially formulated at its recommended feeding levels to provide a specific taste sensation, which enhances the appetite of the animal during periods of stress challenge. This, in turn, leads to improved feed utilisation and protection from the detrimental effects of oxidative stress in the animal.


CaroTech supplies the ingredient carvacrol in its formula, as well as its patented encapsulation process.

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