December 8, 2023


Nor-Feed unveils life cycle assessment of natural solutions




France-based Nor-Feed, a developer of natural feed additives and ingredients for animal health and nutrition, is taking one more step towards transparency and sustainability, as it announced the publication of a life cycle assessment (LCA) focused on its citrus extract feed additive in scientific journal Animals.


This contribution illustrates the company's comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, Nor-Feed said.


Collaborating with consultancy firm EVEA, Nor-Feed's LCA delves into the impact of manufacturing, distributing and utilising the citrus extract feed additive in broiler chicken and swine productions. The environmental performance assessment highlights the benefits of incorporating this innovative feed additive into swine and broiler chicken diets, showcasing its potential to mitigate the environmental impacts associated with meat production.


For example, the study reveals that the utilisation of 25kg of the citrus extract feed additive in broiler production leads to a net reduction of six tonnes of CO2emissions. This research, subjected to rigorous scientific peer review, exemplifies Nor-Feed's plant-based feed additives as a dual-force solution: enhancing animal zootechnical performances and simultaneously minimising the environmental footprint of meat production chains.


The same methodology has also been applied to the company's main products. Detailed LCA data for Nor-Feed's key offerings are now accessible in a comprehensive documentation available on its website.


Since its creation in 2003, Nor-Feed has been developing natural alternatives based on plants and plant extracts for animal nutrition and health.


The company's primary objectives is to eliminate the use of synthetic molecules such as antibiotics and pesticides in animal feed and contribute to the reduction of animal production footprint.


- Nor-Feed

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