December 8, 2015


Nutreco to acquire Micronutrients




Nutreco has entered into an agreement with the Heritage Group to acquire Micronutrients, a company specialising in hydroxy-based trace minerals.


The acquisition enables Trouw Nutrition - Nutreco's animal nutrition business - to further strengthen its Selko Feed Additives portfolio. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2016.


"Our strategy is to address global trends in the animal protein value chain by providing our customers innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions that require advanced technical and application know-how," said Knut Nesse, the CEO of Nutreco. "Micronutrients' product portfolio fits this strategy. In combination with our existing product range and R&D capabilities, the acquisition of Micronutrients makes Trouw Nutrition a leader in a specific feed additive segment"


Nesse added that Micronutrients' products will support Nutreco's global premix value proposition.


"In Nutreco, we have found a good steward for our business, which has grown at a fast rate in the US in recent years," said Pat James, the CEO of Micronutrients. "As a global company, it has the resources and network to accelerate Micronutrients' growth through geographical expansion, also targeting additional animal species. In the longer term, the R&D power of our new owner will further allow Micronutrients' technological platform to evolve."


Micronutrients is a market leader for hydroxy trace minerals, which are marketed under the global brand name, IntelliBond®.


Hydroxy trace minerals are specialty trace minerals that, due to their unique chemical structure, improve stability of premix and feed, and bioavailability (better digestion) in animals compared to inorganic trace minerals.


Higher bioavailability under specific conditions leads to increased animal performance as well as environmental benefits.

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