December 8, 2011


Jakarta constructs nine new poultry slaughter houses


The local government of Indonesian capital, Jakarta, has decided to construct nine new poultry slaughter houses in a bid to succeed the Peraturan Daerah (Perda) DKI No. 4/2007 regulation that controls the distribution of live birds into Jakarta.


There are currently five poultry processing plants in operation in Jakarta. According to the head of marine affairs and agriculture agency of DKI Jakarta, Ipih Ruyani, the addition of those nine new poultry slaughter houses was intended to allow all poultry sellers to be relocated and accommodated. "Besides that, to provide quality poultry carcasses and also to avoid avian influenza," she added.


In terms of the locations of the nine new poultry houses, Ruyani confirmed there would be four in East Jakarta: Kramat Jati, Pintu Air, Pasar Ciracas and Pasar Klender. Two in West Jakarta: Pasar Cengkareng and Kalideres. One in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. One in Pasar Senen, Central Jakarta and one in Cilincing, North Jakarta."


Ruyani also stated that the construction process will involve the private sector. She hopes that the construction can be completed in 2013 in order to achieve 14 poultry slaughter houses by then.


The total slaughtering capacity of the existing five processing plants is around 300,000 birds and while the capacity of the new plants have not yet been confirmed, estimates suggest around 60,000 birds per plant.

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