December 8, 2008

Norway: Updates on aquaculture, meat processing, bird flu


Norwegian meat and poultry giant Nortura has signed an agreement to acquire the slaughterhouse under production in Malvik, Sør-Trøndelag county. The current owner, Spis Grilstad, will hire slaughtering services from Nortura at the new plant.


Nortura will invest NOK500 million (US$ 71.71 million, EUR 56.32 million) in the new plant.


On the other hand, the country's seafood exports have already reached NOK34.5 billion (US$5 billion, EUR3.99 billion), earning more than NOK2 billion more than last year.


Seafood remains a strong product despite the current economic downturn.


Meanwhile, Norway's food control authority Mattilsynet has confirmed a case of bird flu on a farm in Trøgstad in Østfold county. The hen and rooster flock of about 50 animals will be slaughtered and a 1 kilometre risk zone has been set up around the farm. All poultry farms and poultry transport in the area will be restricted.


It is the mild form of bird flu that has been discovered, and there is no suspected spread of the disease.

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