December 8, 2008

Turkey's Keskinoglu allocates US$14 million for processed poultry expansion

Turkey's Keskinoglu Group announces has allocated a US$14 million investment for its new facilities for packaged poultry production.

The new facilities is said to have an annual processing capacity of 20,000 tonnes of poultry from 103 million birds in an effort to tap Turkey's growing processed poultry market. Plans are also underway to add more brands and fully cooked and oven-ready items to the company's product portfolio.

It is also reported that the company plans to hire around 10,000 more employees.

Keskinoglu Group of companies' board member and marketing director Keskin Keskinoglu said the expansion is in accordance to the company's 45th -year celebration on the food services arena. The Group also recorded 100 percent growth in the course of the last 3 years and is expected to close 2008 year with a 30 percent increase in both volume and value terms.

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