Biomin AquaStar® to control Vibrio spp. in shrimp farming

Rui Gonςalves, technical manager - aquaculture, Biomin Holding GmbH; Dr. Jutta Kesselring, product manager, Biomin Holding GmbH

Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS), also known as Acute Hepato-Pancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND), is an emerging disease caused by Vibrio parahaemolyticus. EMS typically affects shrimp that have not reached marketable size (40 days or younger). It causes large-scale deaths among cultivated shrimp and infected shrimp ponds can be entirely wiped out.

Although several companies have already promoted solutions to EMS, the reality is that most of the products in the market have yet to prove their efficiency in the field. As such, farmers are still looking for the "silver bullet" that can effectively solve their problem.

Up to now, the most important developments for counteracting EMS/AHPND have been preventative husbandry techniques and improvements in pond management. Among those practices, screening post-larvae (PL) for quality, the introduction of nurseries, semi-biofloc systems and polyculture with tilapia seem to have led to improved results (although sometimes not on a consistent way).

Green water development is fostered by the semi-biofloc system or the early introduction of tilapia in the pond. This accelerates water maturing so that the virulent EMS Vibrios are not able to dominate the pond and therefore cannot cause EMS after stocking with shrimp. This also stabilizes the pond ecosystem and reduces the fluctuation of water parameters, in particular pH.

Another change introduced by shrimp farmers, particularly in Thailand, is the use of nursery ponds. The smaller size and volume of the nursery ponds allow better control of pond conditions during the first 30 days.

Ideally, those pond management techniques are assisted by effective feed or pond additives that can reduce the vibrio presence and their virulence.

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Article made possible through the contribution of Rui Gonςalves, Dr. Jutta Kesselring and Biomin Holding GmbH

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