December 7, 2011
Sulphate additives demand in China remains slow

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Prices moved within a narrow range.

Transacted prices of sulphate feed additives in China


Price as of Nov 20

Price as of Dec 6

Price change

Cupric sulphate



+150 to 0

Ferrous sulphate



-50 to 0

Zinc sulphate



+100 to 0

Manganese sulphate




Prices are representative and for reference only.
RMB1=US$0.1574 (Dec 7)

Cupric sulphate
As copper futures prices rose during the period in review, cupric sulphate producers stood firm on prices to sustain profits.
Transacted prices by local producers were in the range of RMB16,200-16,300/tonne ex-factory, while deals concluded in the general market were at RMB16,600-17,000/tonne.
With demand staying weak the upward potential of cupric sulphate will be limited.
Zinc sulphate
Although commodities prices picked up lately, soft demand weighed on the prices of zinc sulphate.
Transacted prices by major producers were mainly at RMB4,700-4,800/tonne ex-factory. In the general market, traders concluded deals in the range of RMB5,100-5,300/tonne.
Should a major producer in Hunan halt production in the coming weeks as rumoured, zinc sulphate prices will stay firm even as demand is slack.
Manganese sulphate
Prices of manganese ore was weak, prompting manganese sulphate producers to keep prices low to promote sales.
Transacted prices of humidified manganese sulphate by major producers stayed between RMB3,300/tonne and RMB3,600/tonne ex-factory. General market prices remained at RMB3,700-4,000/tonne.
Supplies of manganese sulphate are likely to reduce due to production cuts, lending support to its prices.
Ferrous sulphate
Prices of ferrous sulphate were soft amid abundant supplies and limited demand.
Ex-factory price quotes by a major producer in Sichuan were lower at RMB300-350/tonne. Meanwhile, traders concluded deals in the general market at RMB800/tonne.
Ferrous sulphate market is expected to stay weak in the near term.

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