December 7, 2011


Brazil's November pork exports up at US$130 million



The Brazilian pork export association, or Abipecs, said Tuesday (Dec 6) that the country's November pork exports rose 13.5% on year to US$130.6 million as the average export prices were up 13.4% in the same comparison.


In volume, shipments in November fell a slight 0.06% versus the same month of 2010, to 43,035 tonnes.


This year through November, pork exports advanced 6.6% in revenue, to US$1.25 billion, but fell 5.3% in volume, to 479,484 tonnes, Abipecs said.


Sales to Russia, traditionally the main buyer of Brazilian meat products, slipped 44.5% in the 11-month period to 123,567 tonnes. On the other hand, sales to Hong Kong jumped 33% through November, to 120,161 tonnes.

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