December 6, 2022


Scientists in China propose zero-energy cattle ranch with wearable sensors


Researchers from Southwest Jiaotong University have proposed a zero-energy smart cattle ranch, with wearable sensors that are powered by the animal's movements, Xinhua News reported.


According to a study published in the journal iScience, the cattle are equipped with intelligent devices that can harness even the smallest amount of kinetic energy to power the ranch.


Small sensory devices were mounted around the necks and ankles of cows by the researchers to capture animal kinetic energy and store it in supercapacitors or lithium batteries via a rectifier.


The paper's co-author and university professor Zhang Zutao said they designed a motion enhancement mechanism that uses magnets and a pendulum to amplify small movements the cows make.


The energy harvester can guarantee a consistent energy supply from the cows' wearable monitoring sensors, and those sensors can even be powered when the cattle are not moving or are only moving a small amount.


Pan Yajia, a co-author of this study, said on a ranch, monitoring environmental and health information of cattle can help prevent diseases and improve the efficiency of pasture breeding and management.


She said this information may include oxygen saturation, air temperature and humidity, level of exercise, menstrual cycles, disease, and milk production.


-        Xinhua News

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