December 6, 2019


Mitsubishi invests in Denmark-based Unibio, an aquaculture feed producer


Mitsubishi Corp purchased an unspecified amount of shares in Unibio International, a biotechnology company that specialises in converting methane into protein-rich bacteria for aquaculture feed.


The new investment allows Unibio to pursue new global projects.


Working together with the Technical University of Denmark, Unibio has developed a range of technologies under the U-Loop brand, which allows the conversion or methane such as natural gas or biogas into quality protein used for aquaculture feed. The conversion uses methanotrophic ("methane-eating") microbes.


The technology is environmentally-friendly as it allows complete decoupling of protein production from farming and fishing, using little water and no agricultural land.


Unibio operates its pilot, research and development facilities and a demonstration plant in Denmark. The company has a full-scale production plant in Russia, built and operated by partner Protelux. The company also signed a memorandum of understanding in August this year to construct a US$200 million production facility in Saudi Arabia for Uniprotein, its major high protein aquaculture feed.


-      Unibio