December 6, 2019


US university finds new corn silage product provides substantial feed efficiency gain for dairy cattle


The feeding trial conducted by Penn State University found that Syngenta's Enogen Feed corn silage has a 4% higher feed efficiency (6% uncorrected) compared to regular corn silage.


Dr. Duane Martin, Enogen, Syngenta, head of marketing said Enogen can help dairy producers increase the feed value of silage in their rations and maximise potential profits.


Enogen Feed contains a novel in-seed alpha-amylase technology. It maximises energy in dairy cattle by converting starch to usable sugars faster than other corn, which results in better efficiency and reduced feed costs for dairy producers.


The study, presented at the 2019 American Dairy Science Association northeast brand meeting by graduate research assistant Sergio Welchez and Dr. Alex Hristov of Penn State University's Department of Animal Science saw an increase in ECM feed efficiency and no negative effect on rumen fermentation.


Dr. Eileen Watson, Enogen development specialist, Syngenta said feed efficiency is increased close to 5% against corn without Enogen.


-      Golden Harvest and Syngenta