December 6, 2018

Cargill Premix and Nutrition Southeast Asia launches Digital Nutrition



Cargill Premix and Nutrition Southeast Asia, under the Provimi brand, has launched Digital Nutrition, a suite of digital tools that will enable feed mill and animal producers to deliver optimum nutrition at the right cost based on precise nutritional data to help them meet their production goals and grow their businesses.


Participants being shown Provimi's expertise in precise nutrition and managing nutrient variation at the different stages of raw material evaluation, diet design and formulation as well as animal production in the value chain


Unveiled at the Provimi Animal Nutrition Summit seminar in Thailand on Nov 20-21, 2018, Digital Nutrition provides an integrated suite of services that work across the value chain from purchasing and manufacturing to diet design and animal production. Participants explored an experiential digital nutrition room taking them through the journey of raw material evaluation, diet design and formulation as well as animal production.


"In an industry faced with nutrient variability as well as constant changes in raw material, feed and livestock prices, the ability to adapt to market changes can make an impact on profitability. Our digital nutrition solutions enable customers to make smarter decisions to meet business goals," said Lu Yuan, Managing Director of Provimi Southeast Asia.


Lu Yuan, Managing Director of Provimi Southeast Asia, speaks about a bold tomorrow of endless possibilities as the animal nutrition industry experiences digital transformation

Leveraging Cargill's proprietary nutrients platform, digital nutrition gives real-time insights on nutrient value for better selection in raw materials and suppliers to manage nutrient variation. This enables Provimi to support customers in precise feed formulation that will better meet their needs in terms of nutrient, quality and cost.


Additionally, the multi-factor economic modelling tools TechBroFlex and MAX offer dynamic predictions to help animal producers optimise production within current constraints as well as different scenarios to find the right balance in meeting production goals.


"In animal nutrition, forward-thinking companies are taking luck out of the equation by utilising predictive modelling tools and real-time insights to ensure more consistent feed quality, more predictable animal performance, and higher margins. With the emergence of digital transformation, new technologies are now quickly and irreversibly changing the business landscape," added Maxime Hilbert, Strategic & Marketing Technology Director of Provimi Southeast Asia.
Lively panel discussions with experts providing insights on how digitalisation, precise nutrition and transition towards antibiotic-free production can enable feed and animal producers to be more competitive