December 6, 2011


Russia's poultry import level in 2011 remains strong



Russia's poultry meat imports in 2011 amounted to slightly more than US$364 million.


In general, Russia's total volume of poultry imports between January and September 2011 equalled the volume of imports in 2010 though it is 58% lower than in 2009.


The largest exporter of poultry meat to Russia was the US. Imports from the US this year reached 140,000 tonnes of poultry, equating to 53% of total imports. About 22% out of total imports came from Brazil (57 tonnes), followed by EU countries: Germany (10%) and France (6.8%).


The total volume of imports of poultry meat from other countries during this period does not exceed 8.5% of total imports to the Russian Federation. It is worth noting that imports of Ukrainian poultry to Russia intensified this year, supplying about 4.5 tonnes and reaching a share of 1.7% of total imports.


Poultry import supplies from Belarus in January to August 2011 were about 44.6 thousand tons which is 17% higher than during the same period last year.


Export of poultry meat in January to September of 2011 amounted to 13.5 thousand tonnes or US$10.7million. The main shares of export were delivered to South-East Asia, including Hong Kong (57.6%), Vietnam (20%), CIS countries (a total of 6.1%, while the main consumer is the Republic of Abkhazia), and in some EU countries (a total of 4 7%). Importing countries prefer to buy poultry offal and whole carcasses, accounting for 94% and 3% respectively.

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