December 6, 2011


Pakistan's wheat production behind time



Pakistan's wheat productivity is lagging behind comparing to its neighbouring country India, said Ashiq Hussain, a research officer in Ayub Agriculture Research Centre.


He said that to get more yields the wheat should be sowed in time, adding that best time for it in this particular area is from October 25 to December 31. He then explained wheat sowing techniques that could contribute to increased yield. He urged farmers to get the soil tested from laboratory and then use fertilisers on the recommendation of local agriculture officers.


Punjab Director General Agriculture Extensive, Anjam Ali Buter also praised farmers for increasing agriculture produce which according to him had brought autarky of the nation in food. At this stage farmers' leaders voice their problem mainly regarding shortage of fertilizers and their black marketing. They said the traders were fleecing them by selling fertilisers on double rates.


They also complained that Mills owners were making 10 cents deduction in price of 94 variety of sugarcane on the plea that this variety was banned by government. They said it was grass injustice to them The DG took notice of the problems being faced to farmers and asked DCO Amin Chaudhry for their resolution at priority.

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