December 5, 2022


Agritalks Brazil-Singapore showcases Brazilian agriculture's commitment to global, sustainable future




Agritalks Brazil-Singapore, a conference that focused on promoting  innovation, sustainability and security in agriculture, was held in Singapore for the first time.


Presented by the Embassy of Brazil in Singapore and the Brazilian Trade and Investment

Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), with the support of Cotton Brazil, the event highlighted the advances achieved and the potential for investment in both countries' agri-food sector.


The event brought together influential figures in the sector with unique and differing viewpoints, instrumental in forwarding the understanding of the challenges to global agricultural sustainability. It garnered over 100 attendees along with notable guests of honour such as deputy chief executive officer of Enterprise Singapore, Dilys Boey, Ambassador of Brazil to Singapore, Eugênia Barthelmess, and business director of the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, Lucas Fiuza.


Agritalks Brazil-Singapore featured four discussions focused on agriculture and related topics like government policies, sustainability, industry innovation and financing.


The event was held at Singapore's Shangri-La hotel and reflected a landmark moment of

Singapore and Brazil joining forces in tackling pressing issues and challenges. The first segment focused on how government policies play a crucial role in paving the way for a sustainable future.


Speakers shared the advances attained at a government level both in Singapore and Brazil.


"It is truly rewarding to be able to hold such a fruitful discussion in Singapore; a country that shares Brazil's drive and ambition in promoting sustainability," said Barthelmess. "Brazil and Singapore can bring our vastly different experiences together to reach a shared goal of forging a sustainable world."


The second segment specifically covered sustainable food supply chains and the private sector's outlook on the area. Speakers from different backgrounds weighed in on the responsibility that the private sector holds in providing real-world solutions towards sustainability.


The speakers elaborated on Brazil's generational transformation into an agricultural powerhouse and the country's commitment to global food security, further highlighting the nation's position as the world's top exporter for chicken and beef. This is especially relevant for Singapore, as Brazilian protein makes up a significant portion of Singapore's total imported meat - with at least 58% of the nation's total consumed beef being of  Brazilian origin.


Lucas Fiuza said: "Agritalks in Singapore will strengthen our institutional ties  with one of our most loyal and strategic commercial partners in the region. This event promotes useful

debate on best practices and experiences in our agroindustry. These discussions highlight Brazil's innovation capacity as it consolidates its leading position in the issue of food security and supply."


He added: "Additionally, we recognise the importance of supporting the private sector while also promoting sustainability. We aim to continue fostering a competitive environment through sustainability focused policies in balance with human development."


The last segment of the event discussed innovation and financing, as the backbone driving sustainability in agriculture. The speakers juxtaposed public and private capacities in driving innovation through incentives and funding, making it clear that both the private sector and government decision-makers must prioritise potential game-changing technologies if both nations' economies are to continue prospering.


The discussion concluded by reinforcing that innovative technology is invaluable to the flow of finance throughout all levels of the agribusiness supply chain.


The Agritalks conference in Singapore was declared a success and drove mutually beneficial discussions in the sector, in what proved to be an informative and insightful experience for all its attendees.


- Cotton Brazil

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