December 5, 2016


Orffa commits to non-competitive research through Betaine Academy




As part of its scientific and technical mission to promote betaine hydrochloride, a known supplement in animal nutrition for many decades, Orffa has launched a global initiative called the Betaine Academy.


The Betaine Academy is a non-competitive platform among suppliers of betaine with the objective of making solid investments in a long-term research platform and to increase the knowledge of new applications. The eventual aim is to create more awareness about the "ins and outs" of betaine and to increase its total consumption worldwide in animal nutrition.


Currently the main consumption of betaine is found in the broiler industry. Even in broiler nutrition betaine is still underutilised, according to Orffa. A higher market penetration grade of betaine can be achieved through the replacement of choline/methionine for methyl group donation. Added value is expected in diets containing ionophoric coccidiostats and as such it may assist in the relief of coccidiosis related issues. In other animal species, betaine appears to be particular promising for layers, swine, dairy and aquaculture.


Review of existing data will lead to a series of publications in popular magazines and ultimately in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The launch starts with an article emphasising on the effects of betaine in layer diets. Investments in a long-term research programme aim to fill the knowledge gaps which become apparent from the reviewing papers. Orffa is simultaneously increasing its global network of scientific partnerships.

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