December 5, 2011


Mengniu starts distribution of dairy products in Hong Kong


China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited has announced the commencement of the distribution of its dairy products in Hong Kong, which sales points include Kai Bo Food Supermarket and China Resources Vanguard Shop, among others.


Two of its conventional products, pure milk and low-fat high-calcium milk, are to be available at this stage to suit the health-conscious diet of Hong Kong citizens. These dairy products account for over 60% of the local UHT milk and dairy product market, the company said.


The products are being delivered from Inner Mongolia to Hong Kong gradually and have been put on shelves at more than 80 stores in the Kai Bo Food Supermarket chain. The products will also be put on shelves at more than 90 stores through China Resources Vanguard Shop within the month, making a total of more than 170 sales points.


Park'N Shop, retail stores and pharmacies will be included within the distribution network subsequently, boosting the number of sales points to more than 400. In Macau, Mengniu products are expected to be available for sale within two weeks.


Yang Wenjun, CEO of Mengniu, said, "We are pleased that Mengniu products have passed many strict approvals and have underwent stringent quality examinations before being sold in Hong Kong. Looking ahead, we will continue to launch market-leading high-end products to create a healthy diet and lifestyle for consumers. We will also expand our sales channels to extend our product reach to overseas markets and promote the Mengniu brand around the world."

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