December 5, 2011


EWOS fish feed production reaches one million tonnes



EWOS, global aquaculture company, has produced one million tonnes of fish feed in a year for the first time in its history.


Per Sveidqvist, who retired as marketing manager of EWOS Ltd, the UK-based branch of EWOS, in 2008, said: "When I arrived at Westfield in the summer of 1988 I was told that we might reach 15,000 tonnes of feed production per year for the first time, which seemed an enormous amount."


"We did reach 15,000 tonnes and it is gratifying to see that now, some twenty years later, the combined output of EWOS has reached such an important milestone by nurturing customer confidence."


Alf Helge Ã…rskog, formerly with EWOS Norway and now CEO of Marine Harvest, the world's largest fish farming company, stated "I am very impressed that EWOS has reached one million tonnes of feed production in a year for the first time.  This milestone reflects the enormous growth in the industry and the great importance of EWOS, both as a feed supplier and a strong contributor to the development of our industry."


Lars Wiberg, President of EWOS Canada from 1991 - 1994, joined EWOS in 1970 as a product manager and remembers the challenges of taking the company from a 'local Scandinavian' organisation to an internationally oriented group.


"During my first few years with EWOS, fish feed was still regarded as a 'project with potential' and it was not until the first trials with extruded fish feed were undertaken in the late 1970s that the concept took off" he explained.

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