December 5, 2008

Sorghum a viable pig feed alternative to corn


According to US experts, sorghum can replace corn as an economically viable swine feed as it is cheaper when corn prices increase.


Bob Goodband, swine specialist with Kansas State University Research and Extension said as corn prices climb in line with higher demand for ethanol, sorghum is now fast catching up alongside corn as a cheaper feed choice. 


He added that sorghum is competitive as it is 96 percent cheaper than corn prices. Sorghum is presently just 70 percent of the value of corn. But pound for pound, sorghum can totally replace corn in all swine diets, he said.


Although average daily gains of swine fed sorghum-based diets are similar to those of pigs on a corn formulation, Goodband cautioned that producers should consider that sorghum is slightly lower than corn in both energy and lysine content.

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