December 5, 2008


Bird flu spreads to new areas in India state

The bird flu has spread to new areas in Assam's Kamrup district on Thursday (Dec 4, 2008), forcing the government to send 15 rapid response teams to the worst affected Palasbari circle.


The disease has spread to Dohali, Sarpara, Dokhola, Hudungpur, Rani and Patgaon areas of Palasbari circle, and teams with specialists and doctors have been sent there, said RC Jain, deputy commissioner of the district.


In Hajo circle, nearly 60,000 birds have been culled and more will follow in the next couple of days, said Jain.


Villagers were compensated Rs1.8 million (US$36,279) for the culled birds, but there were villagers who resisted the culls. 

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