Solutions are about more than just high quality products. At Romer Labs, we pride ourselves on comprehensive service that tailors to your needs, without compromising on time-to-result, accuracy or scalability.

That is why we are proud to announce the Romer Labs® APAC Solutions Centre, designed with your needs in mind to help you meet your food and feed safety goals.

The new centre serves the APAC region by extending our capabilities in mycotoxin and allergen testing in three important areas: analytical services, technical support and customer training programmes.

Analytical services: The APAC Solutions Centre features new facilities for food allergen testing. Our lab methods cover gluten and the broadest range of allergenic analytes on the market with quick turnaround times for the region. We are also offering augmented mycotoxin testing methods with screening services such as Multi-Mycotoxin Analysis 50+, which gives you specific information on any of more than 50 mycotoxins in a sample in one report.

Technical support: Sample validation, troubleshooting and insight into best practices are all available to you at the centre. Our experts provide advice to help you remain productive and compliant with local and international regulations.

Customised training programmes: A new service for customers in the region. We offer workshops, webinars and personalised instruction that are all designed to adapt to how, where and how often you test. We provide you and your team with training certificates and other documentation for audits and accreditations.