December 4, 2015


UK Sales of sausages and bacons declined after cancer report



The sales of sausages and bacons in the UK plummeted following a World Health Organization agency's report that higher cancer risk is associated with processed meats, according to a recent analysis by research company, IRI.


The cancer findings were revealed in late October this year by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).


Based on grocery data, sales of pre-packaged sausages and bacon dropped by about three million pounds or 10%, in the subsequent two weeks.


Sales for sausages declined 15.7% for the week ending on October 31, and 13.9% for the week ending on November 7, compared to records in 2014, reported. Bacon slid by 17% for the week ending on October 31, and 16.5% for the week ending on November 7.


Despite those downward trends, the total expenditure on meat remained unchanged, with related food products seemingly unaffected by the cancer report.


However, IRI analysts also identified a change of consumers' preferences to other meat products following the report. Premium bacon and sausages were the most severely affected, a sign that an educated demography is taking heed of the cancer findings.


IRI's Martin Wood attributed this development to the media spotlight cast on the matter, leading to a significant impact on food choices. He added that the IARC findings would likely have far-reaching implications than past meat scares.


Wood advised retailers to relook at their ranges and consider non-processed products, such as premium mince and fresh burgers.

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