December 4, 2008
Brazil's Cotril starts beef exports

Cotril, Brazil's largest feedlot, has recently begun to export beef, becoming the first beef company to be fully integrated with the supply chain in Brazil.


Cotril recently exported 50 tonnes swt of forequarter cuts to Egypt.


In the medium term, Cotril expects to produce 1,200 tonnes of beef per day from the current 500 tonnes per day. Cotril will also focus its export operations on high value products for the Middle East, South America and the EU, markets for which its plants are currently approved.


Cotril has a total output of 230,780 head of cattle in 2007, and commenced slaughter operations in December last year. The company is also involved in breeding and animal nutrition development, and conducts regular research on animal health.


All cattle in the company's feedlots are sourced from its own farms, with 60 percent sold to the market.

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