December 4, 2008

Vietnam to unveil modernised poultry trading area


Vietnam's capital, Hanoi is building a market exclusively designed for poultry trading and processing, which meets required hygiene standards.


The deputy director of the Municipal Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nguyen Huy Dang, said the 1.7 hectare market is the largest of its kind in Vietnam, estimated to cost nearly US$800,000, of which partly is sourced from the World Bank, the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reports Wednesday (Dec 3, 2008).


Located in Thuong Tin district and far from residential areas, the market will be equipped with modern poultry processors, cold storages to preserve processed products and a trading area.


The area is scheduled to become operational in late 2009, and the market will be capable of accommodating and transporting 20,000 live poultry a day.

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