MLBA6: December / January 2009
Pas Reform introduces new setter tray for hatcheries
SmartTray has been de­signed to enhance the comfort of modern embryos during incubation, delivering uniform airflow around the eggs to effectively manage increased metabolic temperature.
The product has specially shaped support points to fit all egg sizes. It has an open and spacious grid, which prevents the development of 'dead spots' and allows free movement of air for the uniform distribution of heat and humidity.
Being stable and having a self-centring egg position­ing, SmartTray is ideal for in-ovo vaccination, and prevents eggs from sticking and breaking. Maximum protection for the egg also prevents hairline cracks, which makes it ideal for farm traying.  
Walls Animal Nutrition launches new oral hydrate product
Walls Animal Nutrition has launched RSQ, a new oral hydrate for young and stressed animals.
RSQ is an all-natural, water-soluble product, developed to reduce symptoms of gut disorders in sick animals. It also provides essential nutrition for a quick recovery.
The product was developed by Gary Boyett, owner of Prime Line Nutrition. Boyett will act as the company's technical sales director. Jess Walls, owner of Walls Animal Nutrition, will direct the sales and marketing for RSQ.
RSQ has been tested and proven to be a cost effective treatment in the reduction and recovery, from dehydration and scours in swine, calves, sheep, horses and poultry.
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