December 4, 2008


Melamine found in new Chinese egg brand


Melamine has been found in another Chinese egg brand, Hong Kong authorities said on Wednesday (Dec 3, 2008).


The eggs came from a farm in Dehui City in China's north-eastern Jilin Province and were distributed through a local importer in Cheung Sha Wan Wholesale Food Market, Hong Kong's Centre for Food Safety (CFS) said in a statement.


CFS spokesman said that they have informed the food trade of the test results and asked them to stop selling or using the concerned product. They have also informed the mainland authorities to follow-up on this issue.


The centre found 4.7 parts per million of melamine in the egg sample, which exceeded the Hong Kong's legal of 2.5.


The products had been distributed to some bakeries but not to any other retail outlets, the spokesman said, adding that the centre was following up with the bakeries concerned.


The centre said it has tested 307 egg samples and only 4 were found to be unsatisfactory.


Melamine is added to the dairy products to make the protein content appear higher than it actually was.

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