December 3, 2020


BeeFree Agro drones used to herd cattle in Israel


Israeli-based BeeFree Agro's drone technology is being used to assist Israeli ranchers herd 10,000 heads of cattle over large land areas, lowering operational costs and reducing cattle stress, Reuters reported.


Noam Azran, CEO of BeeFree Agro, said the use of drones compared to dogs or cowboys results in a less stressful environment for the cattle, which leaves the cattle healthier and more productive.


Azran said the remote-controlled quadcopters drones give farmers better control over large droves and pastures. These drones hover close to the cattle, which move in response. The farmers are able to monitor their cattle through a live video feed.


Azrain said there has been interest in the technology from the United Arab Emirates, adding that BeeFree Agro representatives will head to the UAE this month to see if their drones can be used for camels.


- Reuters