December 3, 2019


Telgana, India, to craft policy which supports development of poultry sector



The state government of Telagana, India, will craft a policy to support the growth of the local poultry sector, Minister for Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Dairy Development T. Srinivas Yadav said on December 2.


Speaking at the first meeting of the cabinet sub-committee on the development of the poultry sector in Telangana, Yadav stated that the government was planning to encourage backyard poultry rearing by supplying the high-breed birds on subsidies.


Ministers S. Niranjan Reddy, E. Rajender and V. Srinivas Goud and officials of the Animal Husbandry Department participated in the meeting held to discuss the steps needed to further develop Telagana's poultry industry.


According to Yadav, the backyard poultry scheme being planned by the government would provide additional income to the farming community as they could generate income with the sales of eggs and chicken.


With about 3.2 crore egg a day, Telangana was ranked third in egg production in India and positioned fifth in the production of broiler birds, Yadav said.


Stating that the registration of poultry farms would be introduced in the state to support its development further, the minister said after the meeting that the cabinet sub-committee would study issues in relation to the growth of the sector on a large scale by visiting other states. Although the poultry sector had achieved good growth in Telangana, the consumption of eggs and chicken have yet to gain momentum.


The committee has also asked the director of animal husbandry to collect and submit the details of small and large poultry facilities functioning across Telangana.


The committee also saw a need to introduce poultry education at specific educational levels to improve the quality of poultry products.


- The Hindu