December 3, 2019


Land O'Lakes, Kenyan partner to invest US$11.7 million in new feed plant in Nakuru



US agricultural co-op Land O'Lakes is partnering with Bidco Africa, a Kenya-based edible oils manufacturer, to invest KSH1.2 billion (US$11.7 million) in the upgrade of an animal feed factory in Nakuru, Kenya.


The joint venture will see the establishment of a processing capacity of 28 tonnes, a move that will raise competition within the Kenyan feed sector.


"The plant is fully automated to ensure accuracy in production and reduce the chance of human error," Chris Diaz, the director of Bidco, said.


"This will enable us introduce four products, Pro Calf Starter, Pro Heifer Developer, Pig Starter 4-4-4 and Pro Calf Milk replacer into the Kenyan market."


The plant will employ new technology to test every load of ingredients for quality while ensuring the right mix of nutritional elements, Bidco said.


The plant is expected to create at least 100 jobs.


- Business Daily