December 3, 2008

World beef production seen to grow in 2009

World beef output is will grow slightly next year despite an expected static global production.

Beef and veal production is likely to grow across the developing world but will remain stagnant in Europe, said a USDA report.


Brazil's beef output is set to recover 2 percent or 190,000 tonnes to 9.4 million tonnes, while China is expected to maintain its growth by increasing output by nearly 2 percent to 6.4 million tonnes next year.


India is also seen to increase beef production by 5 percent.


In contrast, beef production in Argentina and Australia are seen to decline by 1 percent (3.16 million tonnes) and nearly 2 percent (2.07 million tonnes), respectively.


Brazilian beef exports in 2009 are expected to grow by nearly 5 percent to 2.02 million tonnes, down from the 2.5 million tonnes exported in 2007.


Australia's beef exports are also likely to fall by 36,000 tonnes to 1.35 million tonnes for the next 12 months.


On the other hand, Argentina's beef exports are seen to grow 20 percent to 480,000 tonnes as the Argentine government has set a higher export quota for 2009. Uruguay's beef shipments are also expected to increase 5 percent to 420,000 tonnes.


Russia will remain as the most important market, importing 1.03 million tonnes, while Japan is expected to increase beef imports by over 2 percent to 690,000 tonnes.


EU's beef production is also seen to fall marginally next year, while imports of beef and veal are expected to increase 5 percent through the year, said the USDA.

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