December 3, 2008


US Hain Pure Protein expands poultry operations in New York


In view of increased demand for kosher poultry, Hain Pure Protein, a joint venture between The Hain Celestial Group and Pegasus Capital Advisors, plans to expand its Plainville, New York facility.


The company expects to grant leave to about 90 employees in the beginning of January while the plant is under revamp to accommodate the new kosher process. Production on the new kosher line will begin in late February, 2009.


David Wiggins, president of Hain Pure Protein and formerly CEO of Empire Kosher Poultry said that Plainville Farms continues to be one of the leading suppliers of natural, antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed turkeys in America, and they look forward to adding this production to their New Oxford Foods facility.


Kosher refers to fitting food in Judaism.

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