December 3, 2008

Ukraine to export 23 million tonnes for MY2008-09


Ukraine will export 23 million tonnes of grain this marketing year from July 2008 to June 2009.


A total of 10.6 million tonnes of grain crops and 1.9 million tonnes of rapeseed were exported over the past 5 months this marketing year (July-November 2008). The volume of grain production has topped 51.3 million tonnes, Ukrainian Agriculture Minister Yuriy Melnyk said.


Grain exports started decreasing from September 2008 when they reached their peak by 2.8 million tonnes. Ukraine exported 2.2 million tonnes in October and 1.8 million tonnes in November 2008.


Melnyk said that in December, this figure will not exceed the volume of grain supplied in November but an increase in grain exports are seen in February 2009.

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