December 3, 2008

Turkey farms in Finland use GM soy


In Finland, the turkey farms are starting to use genetically engineered soy in their feed formulations.


Finnish turkey producer Länsi-Kalkkuna, owned by Finnish food industry companies Atria and HK Ruokatalo, approximately has 50 contract farms, 10 of which are already using GM feeds.


As GM soy is much cheaper than the regular varieties, livestock farmers and feed markets in the country will inevitably replace the customary soy in feed manufacturing, the two companies said.


Finnish turkey is in intense price competition with its imported counterparts. Foreign poultry and pork produced by genetically engineered soy have been part of Finnish eating habits for years.


As global economic crisis looms, executives of Länsi-Kalkkuna say they need to consider their production under current economic conditions and GM soy might suit for their cost-efficient output.

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