December 2, 2011


Argentina's fish exports exceed 360,000 tonnes



In the first 10 months of 2011, Argentina gained US$1,160.2million for exporting 365,372 tonnes of fish and shellfish, according to statistics from the National Health Service and Food Quality (Senasa).


These figures represent a rise of just 2% in volume terms and 15.5% in value compared to those recorded on-year, when 358,109 tonnes were sold abroad for US$1,004million.


Between January and October, Senasa certified fish exports for about 245,391 tonnes valued at US$595.2million and 119,981 tonnes of seafood valued at US$565million.


The largest export records were those of hake (Merluccius hubbsi), with 108,529 tonnes worth US$300.4million. These figures show a drop of 13% in volume at 124,613 tonnes and a rise of 7.6% in value at US$279.1million over the first 10 months of 2010.


In terms of volume, the second place was occupied by the shrimp (Pleoticus muelleri), with 64,155 tonnes worth US$385.4million, 23.6% more in volume at 51,895 tonnes and 8.7% more in value at US$354.3million compared to a year earlier.


Squid exports (Illex argentinus) raked in 48,688 tonnes worth US$105million; Hoki (Macruronus magellanicus) at 20,807 tonnes worth US$48.6million; and Patagonian anchovy exports (Engraulis anchovy) at 10,639 tonnes worth US$20.8million.


The shipments of Patagonian scallop (Zygochlamys patagonica) totalled 5,460 tonnes for US$63.4million; the shipments of fin rays (Potamotrygon brachyura) reached 5,360 tonnes worth US$11.7million; the shipments of pollock (Genypterus blacodes) were 4,626 tonnes for US$19.2million; and those of flounder (Paralichthys patagonicus) reached 2,054 tonnes worth US$10.5million, among other species.


Spain remained the main destination of Argentine seafood, acquiring about 79,253 tonnes worth US$342.8million between January and October 2010.


In second place was Brazil, with 43,176 tonnes worth US$128.4million; then was Italy with 23,056 tonnes valued at US$101.5million; and further behind was US with 14,594 tonnes worth US$70.2million.

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