December 2, 2008

Hunan grain yield to hit 29.7 billion kilogrammes in 2008


Hunan, a province in central China, is expected to have a total grain yield of 29.7 billion kilogrammes in 2008, rising by 600 million kilograms year on year and up 170 million kilograms than the highest in 1997.


The province is estimated to take a grain increase for 5consecutive years. In the period, it has a grain planting area of over 80 million mu. (1 mu = 667 square metres).


In recent years, the province has improved grain production capacity continually on the basis of comprehensive agricultural development. It has a land area of 1 million mu, and a high-yield paddy area rise to 10 million mu.


Meanwhile, it hits an increased and improved grain irrigation area of 2.7 million mu, with a production capacity of 260 million kilograms.


In addition, it takes a subsidy of RMB4.889 billion for farmers and peasants in 2008, going up RMB2.31 billion over a year earlier.


US$1= RMB6.853 (Dec 2)

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