December 2, 2008


China to revise animal feed regulations

China's regulations on animal feed will be revised soon, the Ministry of Agriculture said on Sunday (Nov 30, 2008).


A source told the state media that various revisions are under consideration to address inconsistencies in the current regulations, but none will be ready until next year.


The most important issues for the industry are development and safety, said Wang Zongli, deputy director of the husbandry and livestock division.


"There have been frequent safety incidents involving animal feed and other agricultural produce. Manufacturers have been able to use forbidden chemicals because of slack management among some government institutions," said Wang.


Officials declined to comment on whether the revisions will target the use of melamine in feed and milk products.


Following scandals of tainted pet food exports and melamine-contaminated milk products, China's agricultural ministry is keen to tighten its control on animal feed production.


Last month, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) urged the ministry to revise the standard as it relates to melamine and other toxic ingredients.

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