December 2, 2008

Malaysia urges Australian beef producers to get halal certifications


Malaysia is encouraging Australian beef producers to be halal-certified in order to boost meat supplies, according to Datuk Dr Abd Aziz Jamaluddin, director-general of the Veterinary Services Department.


The move will address Malaysia's meat shortage problem while helping Australia to penetrate the halal food market, said Abd Aziz.


Malaysia hopes to import halal beef from Australia to be processed into beef patties, frankfurters and satay before re-exporting them to Australia, said Abd Aziz, adding that it could bring in MYR 200 million per year for Malaysia. 


Exporting meat products to is not possible now as Australia do not allow the entry of processed meat from Malaysia, which do not have a FMD-free status, said Abd Aziz.


Therefore, Malaysia is negotiating with Australia to allow the exporting of those products using Australian meat instead, said Abd Aziz.


Only nine Australian beef slaughterhouses are halal-certified.

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