December 2, 2008


Kenya's disease-free zones boost hope of beef exports

Disease-free livestock zones will be created in Isiolo at a cost of 9 billion KES (Kenya Shillings)


Livestock Development Minister Mohamed Kuti said 3 billion KES will come from the government and the rest from the donor community.


Among the donors are Africa Development Bank and Middle East countries, which used to be a major market for Kenyan meat products.


The minister said the bank was already in the process of approving 8 billion KES, the initial amount of funding needed to immediately start work on the Isiolo/Samburu/Laikipia disease-free complex.


The creation of disease-free zones will go a long way to boost beef exports as the project also includes construction of an abattoir and the Isiolo airport. Once these are complete, Kenya will once again be allowed to export meat products to the Middle East and European Union markets, he added


US$1 = 79.950 KES

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