December 1, 2022


South Korea imported 116% more frozen Atlantic salmon import year-on-year



South Korea imported 439 tonnes of frozen Atlantic salmon in October 2022, 116% higher compared to last year's 203 tonnes with a cumulative volume from January to October at 2,460 tonnes, 27% up compared to 2021's 1,937 tonnes, Fish Information & Services reported.


The cumulative imports of frozen Atlantic salmon in October over the last six years have ranged from 1,934 tonnes in 2021 to 6,350 tonnes in 2018, with 361 tonnes being the average import from October 2017 to October 2022.


China was a significant exporter of frozen Atlantic salmon to South Korea, shipping 1,824 tonnes, followed by Norway with 1,824 tonnes, and China with 6 tonnes.


Frozen Atlantic salmon from Chile had a unit import price of US$8.23/kg, while the product from Norway had a unit import price of US$9.33/kg.


In October 2022, imports of frozen Atlantic salmon were US$3.93 million, up 146% from US$1.59 million in 2021. The cumulative amount of imports was US$20.95 million, 146% more than the US$11.75 million of the same period in the previous year.


The average import unit price in October was US$8.97/kg, 13.9% up in the unit price compared to US$7.87/kg the previous year.


-      Fish Information & Services

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