December 1, 2020


Smithfield Foods provides update on president, CEO succession



Smithfield Foods, Inc. has provided on November 25 an update of its succession progress following its announcement last month that Kenneth M. Sullivan, president and CEO of the company, would retire and Dennis Organ, chief operating officer of US operations, would succeed him.


Transition activities are moving forward approximately one month ahead of schedule, facilitated by the close working relationship and shared strategies of Sullivan and Organ, Smithfield said.


Organ has moved swiftly to install a new leadership team and assume the responsibilities of the office.


Accordingly, the board has determined that Organ will assume the position of president and CEO, effective November 27.


Sullivan intends to spend the balance of his time as an advisor to Organ, advocating for vaccine prioritisation and visiting with the company's essential frontline workers in its facilities across the United States.


Sullivan will remain an employee of Smithfield through January 3, 2021.


- Smithfield