FEED Business Worldwide - December, 2011
Danisco's appoints a technical services manager


Feed enzyme manufacturer Danisco Animal Nutrition has appointed Dr. Gwendolyn Jones as technical services manager for the United States.


Based in Iowa, Dr. Jones will be working throughout the Americas, with a particular focus on the US and Canada. She will be responsible for the development and support of Danisco's product sales in the swine industry, and will report to Janet Remus, director of regional research and technical services.


Dr. Jones joined Danisco's global technical services department in 2009, supporting the worldwide sales of Danisco's product range. Initially specialising in bioactive feed additives, Dr. Jones also has strong experience in sales, product management and providing technical advice to customers. She earned her Animal Science degree (B. Sc) in Scotland's University of Edinburgh and her PhD in Animal Nutrition from the University of Aberdeen.


"I am looking forward to spending time in the field with our customers, thoroughly understanding the challenges they are currently facing and likely to face in the future, so that we can work together to find solutions," said Dr. Jones.


ADDCON's new technical application manager for Vietnam


Dr. Van Tho Minh has joined German-based feed additives company ADDCON in the capacity of technical application manager for Vietnam.


Dr. Van's duties include providing technical support to distributors and key customers in Vietnam. He will focus on existing products that have already been launched in Vietnam, such as ADDCON's diformate product range which includes Formi, Formi NDF, and Aquaform. He will also work with distributors on the launch of new products, such as feed preservatives and feed additives.


Dr. Van brings his experience in the Vietnamese market with local and international companies to Addcon. "We believe that his experience with feed additives, especially his experience in working with organic acids, will be a valuable asset for the team," said Kurt Wegleitner, ADDCON's chief marketing and sales officer.
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