FEED Business Worldwide - December, 2011
Product Highlights
Portfolio includes 20 flagship products selected for optimal results
Improves animal performance without the need for prescribed medication 

Free of antibiotics and other medication  

Trouw Nutrition introduces animal health product portfolio 

Feed specialty and premix manufacturer Trouw Nutrition has introduced a new portfolio of product ranges for the international market, focusing primarily on animal health and performance.
The Farm-O-San range includes 20 of Trouw's flagship products, which have been selected and improved to offer optimal results in full compliance with the latest EU legislations on feed additives. Products in the portfolio include Calforte, which gives immune support for newborn calves; Redipig, which helps solve digestive problems in piglets; and BioTrace, which contains mineral and trace elements for poultry.
Trouw intends the Farm-O-San range to act as the primary set of products a farmer will turn to if a problem occurs. Products in the Farm-O-San portfolio are thus presented as ready to use without prescription, and offer nutritional solutions to specific health issues, such as deficiencies of the immune system or digestive problems.
In addition, the Farm-O-San portfolio will improve overall health and performance without the need for prescribed medication, according to Trouw.
The Farm-O-San range is GMP+ certified, which gives independent assurance of feed safety throughout the feed chain. Products in the portfolio are also free of antibiotics and other medication.


Product Highlights

Double pan design allows up to 50% more birds fed

Built-in catch area reduces feed waste
Feed delivery system provides uniform distribution

Chore-Time launches new breeder feeder


Chore-Time Poultry Production Systems (PPS) has introduced their new Genesis pan feeder for the poultry breeder industry, designed to solve many problems faced by breeder farmers.
The Genesis pan feeder is shaped as a double pan, with 18 grill openings and over 235cm of feeder space per pan, able to handle 22 pullets or 18 hens per feeder, according to Chore-Time. This allows farmers to maximise the number of birds that can be fed in a certain space compared to traditional chain feeders, and up to 50% more in some configurations.
The feeder pans are also set at a 45 degree angle to the feeder tube, allowing for a variety of feeder configurations.
The Genesis pan feeder may also be used in all-in all-out houses, feeding the birds from the rearing stage until the end of the flock, unlike chain feeders which cannot be used during the rearing stage. An adjustable grill on the hen model prevents roosters from eating the hens' feed rations, and with a built-in catch area to hold dropped feed, savings of up to 7.4 tonnes of reduced feed waste per 10,000-bird flock were observed, according to test house results from Chore-Time.
The feed delivery speed of 50 metres per minute provides access to feed for all the birds in the same moment, and the feeder loop remains filled for immediate delivery to every pan when the feeding system is run. This allows for more uniform feed distribution, resulting in more uniform broiler growth.
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