December 1, 2011


Tatarstan one of Russian regions with highest grain production


The list of Russian regions included Tatarstan as one with the highest grain production rates, Russia Agriculture Ministry reports on its website.


The Krasnodar region produced 11.5 million tonnes of grain, Stavropol region 8.3 million tonnes, Rostov region 7.8 million tonnes, Tatarstan 5.1 million tonnes, Altai 4.1 million.


As of November 28, Russia threshed 97.8 million tonnes of grain and grain legumes in bunker weight. Productivity is 23.2 centners per hectare. By comparison, Russia gathered 63.7 million tonnes of grain and 101.9 million in 2009. A total of 290 thousand hectares of grain corn are left to be processed.


Yelena Skrynnik stressed record sugar beet, sunflower, soya and rape crops had been produced due to the implemented measures of state support.

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