December 1, 2008

US beef exports stronger in September


US beef exports during September remained stronger on-year, rising 58 percent, to 90,995 tonnes cwt according to the United States Department of Agriculture.


US beef exports to Mexico and Canada were higher in September, increasing 34 percent and 4 percent respectively, to 25,416 tonnes cwt and 14,549 tonnes cwt.


South Korea was the second largest destination for US beef during September, with volumes more than doubling on 2007 levels, to 21,275 tonnes cwt. Beef shipments to Japan increased by 44 percent, to 8,990 tonnes cwt, with the US Meat Export Federation continuing to promote alternative cuts in this market.


Reports point out that final 2008 quarter exports are likely to be scaled back slightly in light of the recent financial events. According to the USDA's US weekly export sales database, shipments of chilled and frozen muscle cuts of beef during October were up 6 percent on 2007, while the first two weeks of November recorded a decline of 2 percent on the same time last year.

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