December 1, 2008


EU lifts import ban on China's meat and poultry products


EU finally lifted the 4-year ban on exports of Chinese meat and poultry products.


CCTV reporter Chen Lijun reports on how many people hope this could lead to the way to similar moves in the US, Russia and the Middle East.


Just under 3 months ago, the European Commission (EC) re-opened its markets to meat and poultry from China, giving 9 companies in Shandong Province permission to ship heat-treated products to the EU.


Huo Jianguo, Chairman, China Bureau of Food Imports & Exports said that the EU's move suggests Chinese poultry meat product is safe. It will help restore overseas consumers' confidence in Chinese exports. It is also good for Chinese firms to boost trade and improve their quality.


EU is known for stringent demands for quality in food. It imposed the ban on Chinese meat following an outbreak of bird flu in 2004. Many see the lifting of its ban on Chinese poultry and meat as a positive move for Chinese exporters in this area. They are hoping other countries and regions will follow suit. As of now, the US Russia and the Middle East are still banning exports of Chinese poultry and meat.


The EU is one of the major markets in this area, with annual imports totalling 700 thousand tonnes. China exports up to 100,000 tonnes of poultry and meat to the EU every year, worth around US$1 billion.

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