December 1, 2008

Brazil accuses Indonesia of discrimination; Indonesia speeds up meat import policy


Indonesia's Department of Agriculture is going to accelerate the revision in the policy to import meat from Brazil after Brazil alleges the Indonesian government of making discrimination.


Brazil, said Minister of Agriculture Anton Apriyantono, alleged Indonesia of making irregular trade practice by not opening up its market to Brazil, which has been exporting meat products to over 182 countries.


"I was sent a letter from the Brazilian Minister of Agriculture alleging Indonesia of making irregular practice. The risk of importing meat from zones free from mouth-and-nail disease (PMK) is low," he said.


"We will only allow the imports of boneless frozen meat. Those meats can only be brought in from two PMK-free zones and can only enter Indonesia via two ports, namely Tanjung Priok and Tanjung Perak."


Meanwhile, the Food and Drugs Institution (LPOM) of the Indonesia Ulema Assembly (MUI) had left for Brazil recently to audit several canned meat, milk producers, and local slaughterhouses based on recommendations from the Department of Agriculture.

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