November 30, 2016
Nutriad launches digestive and mycotoxin portfolios in Indonesia
Nutriad, through its distributor in Indonesia, Kalbe Animal Health, launched its Digestive Performance products ADIMIX® (ADIMIX Precision and ADIMIX Easy) and their Mycotoxin Management portfolio (TOXY-NIL®, TOXY-NIL PLUS and UNIKE® PLUS) at a technical swine seminar in Medan, Indonesia.
Dr. Glenn Ferriol, Nutriad Manager for Philippines, Indonesia & Malaysia, presented the application of ADIMIX Precision in swine operations, focusing on its benefits on digestion and gut health in pigs as an alternative to antibiotic growth promoters. Commented Ferriol, "Recent data on the impact of Adimix Precision on PED (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea) showed the additional benefits of using Adimix as a performance enhancer for grower/finisher pigs."
Nutriad also presented its mycotoxin management programme, highlighting challenges in farm and feed mill operations. Stated Dr. Ferriol, "It is very important to screen and identify the raw materials to be able to identify the level of mycotoxin contamination in the raw material and avoid its entry into the farm/feed mill. This can be done using a fast and reliable tool without the need of a complicated laboratory set-up. Also the storage of raw material needs to be secured to prevent the increase of mycotoxin levels. That is where the importance of a reliable mould inhibitor like Mold-Nil® comes in."
Nutriad also recently launched MYCOMAN® (application available without cost through Apple (IOS) Store / Google (Android) Play Store), a mycotoxin management tool developed to help farmers and nutritionists identify the best mycotoxin deactivator and the right dose needed.
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