November 30, 2016


Merial launches new avian website




Merial has introduced a new online resource at dedicated to support poultry and egg producers with knowledge and resources, as they strive to advance the health of poultry and their business through an increasingly complex and dynamic environment. 


"The Merial Avian website is part of our continual focus on our customers and a response to their requests for sharing expertise," said Jérôme Baudon, Global Head of the Avian Business at Merial. "Our goal for the website is not to serve as a static information repository, but a valuable, ever-expanding resource that begins or continues a dialogue between our customers and our dedicated Merial Avian teams about the challenges of poultry farms and how we can address them together."


Poultry and egg producers face multifaceted challenges as they work to support the growing demand for chicken and eggs, strive for optimal flock health, productivity and food safety, and, effectively manage their large and often global operations and P&Ls.


The new Merial Avian website addresses various poultry diseases and business challenges faced by poultry farmers and egg producers. Additionally, it illustrates Merial's approach to deliver solutions through people expertise, products and services. Educational information includes insights about top avian health topics, such as: food safety solutions; avian influenza approaches; the importance of a strong immune foundation for birds; the history and benefits of vector vaccine technology; optimising egg production; addressing pathogen threats at the local level. Customers will learn about Merial solutions through product and scientific literature, expert perspective articles, and a video library, including vaccination equipment demonstrations and customer testimonials.

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