November 30, 2011


Indonesia restarts processing Australian cattle


For the first time in almost six months, Indonesian abattoirs have begun processing Australian cattle.


The Federal Government banned live exports in June after evidence of animal cruelty was shown on the ABC's.


The footage showed animals in Indonesia dying slow and painful deaths and undermined previous assurances that cattle from Australia were slaughtered humanely.


It prompted outrage from animal rights groups and some in the cattle industry and placed pressure on Indonesian slaughterhouses to raise welfare standards.


The ban came at the peak of the cattle export season, costing the industry millions of dollars and causing anger among primary producers.


It was lifted in July and the first shipment is now ready for processing.


Greg Pankhurst from the Indonesian abattoir PT AgroGiri Perkasa says all cattle will be stunned before they are killed.


"It has cost a lot of money, but it's a very prosperous business," he said.


"It's a great country to be in; there's a huge population there; there's a great demand for beef."


Indonesian importers say it will take some months for their businesses to return to normal.

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